"Ribbons of Hope!"
by Just Charmin Designs

Dedicated To Those of You Who Are Truly Tuff Enuf To Wear Pink!

I am Honored to Create these Beautiful Saddle Blankets Featuring These Wonderful Pink Ribbons that Signify Our Support
of This Most Worthwhile Cause... Inspired by My Family and Friends Who Live With the Reality of this Disease.

If you are interested in having a blanket customized for you with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon incorporated into the
design, please contact me! These blankets are an excellent to use for silent auctions at your fund raising event or to use
to raise awareness. Any blanket I create using this symbol of hope will have part of the proceeds donated to the Breast
Cancer Foundation.

Dedicated To All of You Who have Opened Your Hearts and Shared Your Lives and Experiences With Me...You Truly Are My
Items pictured on this page were either donated to "Tuff Enough To Wear Pink" Rodeo Events or were sold and a
portion of the proceeds were donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
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