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I am proud to be the original creator, designer and FIRST to offer these type of custom-made quilted and crystal embellished show
saddle blankets on eBay.  

My passion for sewing is only surpassed by my love of animals.  I am retired from showing American Cocker Spaniels but during my
"show days", I produced over 25 Champions that hold over 40 Combined Champion Titles in 9 different countries!  Among these titles
there are several BEST IN SHOW and BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW awards! (yeah...I just wanted to brag a little here..LOL)

The name "JUST CHARMIN DESIGNS" is a tribute in memory of my beloved chocolate cocker spaniel, "Charmin".

(That is "charm-in", not "charming").

Artistic passion and ability has passed down from generation to generation in our family.  I have over 35 years of crafting, painting
and sewing experience.  I am a professional seamstress and artist and the gift of talent does not stop with me!  One of my brothers
is a professional airbrush and tattoo artist, another brother is a musician and my third brother is an accomplished photographer,
musician and artist!  One of my sisters is a very talented seamstress while the other sister is a creative business owner herself!  

My daughters are both very talented with one developing her own businesses in horse tack and accessories along with being an up
and coming competitive barrel racer!  Our other daughter is an extremely gifted writer and currently going to college studying for her
legal degree!

I am very lucky to have been given the ability to utilize my talents and create beautiful artwork and converting those drawings into
"bling blankets".  My goal is to create high quality items that I would be proud to use myself!

Every one of my blankets is an original creation starting with the design concept to the placement of the last crystal.  Since each
blanket is individually created, each one unique.  

My crystal embellished Mayatex blankets feature my original designs!  I create each design myself, they are not mass produced
machine made designs!
 I hand set each crystal to insure the highest standard of perfection!  I strive to continually offer new and
unique designs that appeal to horse enthusiasts and will continue to offer some of the "customer favorite" designs!

I will continue to maintain the quality you have come to expect.

My blankets take time and skill to construct and I can only produce a limited number of blankets in a week's time.  I refuse to start
"cutting corners" in order to produce larger quantities of blankets or eliminating certain steps in the creation of these blankets to
save time. This degrades the quality and look of the blanket and I do not intend to lower my standard of quality. I offer HIGH
QUALITY, ORIGINAL BLANKETS that you can be proud to use.

I am able to customize blankets to coordinate with the color of a specific horse, saddle, headstall, and most of all, clothing.  If you
would like information about custom orders please contact me using the convenient "Contact Me" link in the menu bar.

My blankets have been used for a variety of events such as: Rodeo Princess or Queen Competition; Barrel Racing; Pole Bending;
Showmanship (youth and adult); Play Days; Trail Rides; Reining; Rail Competition; Mounted shooting; Daily Rides, Parades; Cutting;
Costume Contests and just plain "showing off".

My blankets are very versatile and are a favorite addition for that coordinated look between horse and rider. I do offer blankets that
would be appropriate for men and boys too!!! Obviously, they are not quite as in demand as the "fancier" blankets, but if you have
that special guy in your life and are interested, please feel free to contact me regarding styles and designs available for the "boys"!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

THANK YOU for visiting!

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